You can buy my patterns directly from me (using Payhip) by clicking on the pattern picture or name below! They are also available on Etsy, on Ravelry, and on LoveCrafts. I have a monthly newsletter – sign up here for new patterns, new tips and tricks, sneak peeks at upcoming designs, exclusive discounts, and more!


Wavelength Socks

Squishy comfort!

Popcorn Shorties

Ready for movie night?

Jellybean Shorties

Sweet treats for your feet!


Venskab Hat

Venskab Knits #1

Venskab Cowl

Venskab Knits #2

Wavelength Hat

Squishy and warm!


OZ Booties

Coming soon!

Making Waves Booties

Make a splash!

Gather Booties

Gather up your favourite leftovers!

Christmas Pudding Booties

Sweet treats for tiny feet!

Bouquet Booties

A bootie-ful bouquet!

Popcorn Booties

Little pops of fun!

Honeycomb Booties

What could be sweeter?

Bow Tie Booties

Bowties? Bows and ties? Bows?


Life’s pretty straight without …

Jellybean Booties

What’s your favourite flavour?

Splash! Booties

Summer fun with mermaids and whale tails!

Burger Booties

A knit-your-own-ending pattern!

Cappuccino Booties

A little bit of froth and fun!

Sunny Day Booties

What about a little ray of sunshine?

Taxi! Booties

Lets’ go for a ride!

Crayon Booties

Remember that new crayon smell?

knitted baby booties with butterfly patterned cuffs
Butterfly Booties

Flutter by with some butterfly booties!

Fair Isle Booties

Have some fun with Fair Isle!

Mushroom Booties

Step into the fairy ring with these magical booties!

knitted baby booties with daisy chain cuffs
Daisy Chain Booties

Sweet booties with daisy chain cuffs!

knitted bacon and eggs baby booties
Bacon & Eggs Booties

Hungry babies need bacon & eggs booties!

knitted baby booties with bubble stitch cuffs
Bubble Booties

Quick and fun with one- or two-colour cuffs!

knitted baby booties with smocked cuffs
Quilted Cuff Booties

Simple & sweet with a dressed-up cuff!

matching knitted baby booties and socks
Shake More Sockies

What to do with all those lovely sock yarn leftovers?

knitted baseball baby booties
Baseball Booties

Calling all baseball fans!

knitted baby booties
Mosaic Booties

Try out mosaic knitting on these cute booties!

knitted baby booties with latvian braids and colourwork
Latvian Braid Booties

Traditional Latvian braids for colourful & warm baby feet!

knitted baby booties
Gansey Booties

Cozy, warm booties which evoke a fisherman’s gansey (or Guernsey)!

Jingle Bells Booties

Shake those holiday bells and booties!

knitted pumpkin baby booties
Pumpkin Patch Booties

Vines & leaves – knitted all in one piece!

knitted baby ballet slippers
Ballerina Baby

Wee ballet slippers for baby ballerinas!

knitted baby booties with checkered flag motif and cuffs representing tires
Finish Line Booties

Drivers – start your engines!

knitted sunflower baby booties
Sunflower Booties

Bright and cheery summer booties!

knitted dragon feet baby booties
Dragon Baby! Booties

Fierce babies wear magical dragon booties!

knitted daffodil baby booties
Daffodil Booties

Spring magic for babies!

knitted baby booties
Mr. Mister

Sometimes you just want some nice tweedy booties!

knitted mary jane baby booties
Mary Jane Booties

Happy babies shake their best dress-up booties!

knitted jester baby booties with bells
Jester Booties

Happy babies jingle while they shake their booties!

knitted strawberry baby booties
Strawberry Booties

Summer babies need sweet little strawberry booties to shake! 

knitted ladybug baby booties
Ladybug Booties

Fly away home!

knitted baby booties with hearts
Sweethearts Booties

Sweet babies need Sweethearts Booties!

knitted tuxedo baby booties
Tuxedo Booties

Dressed up babies deserve little tuxedos!

knitted pumpkin baby booties
Pumpkin Booties

Perfect for fall babies!

knitted bumblebee baby booties
Bumblebee Booties

How about some bee booties for busy, buzzy babies?

knitted watermelon baby booties
Watermelon Booties

Knitted flat with a simple seam, the “seeds” are knitted right in!

knitted american flag baby booties
Stars & Stripes Booties

Patriotic babies shake their flag booties!


Tinier Trees

Plain, cabled, lace, beaded, Fair Isle & gansey tiny tree ornaments!

Tinier Stockings

Eight different styles of tiny stockings!

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