what do I bring to tech editing?

I have over 20 years experience as a knitter, designer, cataloguer, and test knitter, and five years experience in technical editing of knitting patterns. I love order, data, consistency, math(s), spreadsheets, and precision. If you want to work with someone who is prompt, detail-focused, responsive, thorough, thoughtful, and, occasionally, witty – let’s talk! I’m an Australian living in the U.S. so I’m happy to work with both British and American English terminology.

why have your patterns tech edited?

A tech editor is a fresh set of eyes to ensure that your patterns are accurate and complete, with no typos or grammatical errors. I work hard to make sure that your pattern is easy to follow and consistent with your established style.

You want your customers to enjoy knitting your pattern and I can help you make that happen!

am I accepting new clients?

I am currently accepting new clients with patterns for accessories and simple garments (infant- adult). I’m comfortable with charts, cables, mosaic, colourwork, brioche, and lace patterns. I am also happy to work on patterns for ornaments and other interesting small things!

want to save me time (and you money)?

Read through my “What should be included in your pattern” checklist before sending me your pattern PDF for a quote.

what can you expect from me?

  • Prompt communication throughout the process.
  • An estimate (once you send me a PDF of the pattern).
  • A reasonable turnaround – typically within two weeks and potentially faster depending on my current schedule.
  • Full tech edit, including all stages of proofs, until we are both satisfied.
  • Pattern support for as long as is necessary.

what will editing entail?

  • Proofing of spelling, typos, grammar, and punctuation.
  • General math/maths check: sizing, gauge, instructions, stitch counts, conversions, etc.
  • Checking that pattern instructions & sample photo match and are clear.
  • Ensuring stylistic consistency of format, layout, and language (compared to a style sheet if you have one). I’m an Australian living in the U.S., so I’m happy to work with both British and American terminology.
  • Checking completeness of pattern.
  • Ensuring charts & schematics are correct and match the written directions.
  • Checking that sizing matches industry standards with suggestions if not similar.
  • Comparing all abbreviations used against all listed, and ensuring all have clear explanations.
  • Suspension of editing and prompt contact if I encounter any major issues in need of resolution before proceeding.
  • Repeated checks until we both deem that the pattern is correct and ready to publish/test knit.
  • A final read-through of the pattern before you publish, free of charge, if you would like (barring any major changes/updates after testing).
  • Promotion of your pattern on social media, again, if you would like.

what else can I do for you?

  • Using Stitchmastery software, I can create custom charts, as well as providing corresponding written directions. Files can be provided in .knt (Stitchmastery format) and/or high-quality .png (image) files.
  • I can help you develop and follow a style sheet for your patterns.
  • Do you need a pattern template? I can help with that!
  • Pattern writing: I can work from your notes to help you write a pattern that other knitters can follow.
  • Cross stitch? Yes, I can edit your cross stitch pattern too!
  • Testing support? I offer administrative support for testing on yarnpond if you’re short of time. I have a great deal of experience both running tests and test knitting on yarnpond. You can add me as an additional admin for your test (either at set up, or while the test is already running). As I’ll already be familiar with your pattern, I can help with chat questions and concerns.

how much does it cost?

  • For tech editing, pattern writing, style sheet creation, chart creation, or test knitting administrative support on yarnpond, I charge US $30 per hour, in 15 minute increments.
  • I accept payment via PayPal and I invoice once you’ve accepted the final edited version of your pattern/style sheet/chart, or your test with me as an extra admin is completed, and we’re both happy.

sample tech edits?


I very much enjoyed working with Kathie on tech editing my pattern. She was careful to agree to timescales, expectations, and payment terms in advance so both parties knew what to expect. Her edits were detailed, clearly expressed, and accurate. She was a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Kathie’s services, and look forward to working with her again on my next design.

Zoe Carter

Working with Kathie was a revelation. It was my first time using a tech editor and she made the process a pleasure. Kathie laid out all expectations on both sides, and always stuck to them. Her edits were clear and accurate, she picked up so many tiny details I had missed, and her suggestions for improvements were well expressed and helpful. I am looking forward to working with Kathie again on future projects, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services.


I strongly recommend Kathie’s tech editing services for knitting patterns. Communication was excellent and very prompt, as was the finished work. All the corrections were clearly labelled and easy for me to put right. I fully intend to keep asking Kathie to edit my forthcoming knitting patterns. I have every confidence that she will ensure that they are consistent and easy to read and understand!

Jennie Powell

Kathie is a pleasure to work with. She is very transparent with every step of the process. Her suggestions were very clear and helpful in ensuring my pattern was not only clear but also consistent in style. Her turnaround was also super quick! 

Nicky Jensen

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